Vardar Negotino promoted to 2.MFL East

Despite finishing as runner-up in its third league, the Negotino based club got promoted thanks to the opened place in the group East of the second leagues.

We previously announced it as a most possible scenario, and it eventually happened. Since no first league side got relegated into the second league East (both Skopje and Pelister geographically belong to the West), one open place was left unfilled in this group for the season 2018/19.


According to the rules, FFM invited all runners-up of the eastern third league groups. Kezhovica, second in the 3.MFL East, was initially interested but after realizing that financially they could not afford a season in the second league, they asked for help from their local municipality of Shtip. After being denied financial help, they declined the second league offer and will stay in the third league.

Vasilevo was also invited as runners-up of the 3.MFL Southeast, but they immediately declined the offer. One club was interested from the start and they seized the occasion. It’s Vardar from the town of Negotino who gets back in the second league one season after getting relegated. They were in tight race with 3.MFL Center winners Partizan but at the end finished just a point behind.

In case if more then one club accepted the invitation, play-off would have been played. In this case, only Vardar applied and fulfilled all the necessary standards for playing on second tier level.

This is the final list of clubs confirmed for the 2018/19 in the 2.MFL East:

Partizan (3.MFL Center winner)
Detonit Junior (3.MFL Southeast winner)
Kit-Go (3.MFL East winner)
Vardar (3.MFL Center runner-up)

The new season in both second league groups will start on 18 August.

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