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Recipients description

Nik Santaski (Germany)

Articles: Potential internationals, Macedonian internationals

Speaks: German, Macedonian and English

A Macedonian who is born and lives in Germany. He takes care of the players that have origin from Macedonia and can be possible reinforcements for the Macedonian national teams.

Filip Zdraveski (Skopje, Macedonia)

Articles: Chief editor

Speaks: Macedonian, English, Italian, Spanish and Serbo-Croatian

Jovan Trpcheski (Skopje, Macedonia)

Articles: Macedonian internationals, Youth national teams

Speaks: Macedonian, English and Serbo-Croatian

Ljuben Kuvendjiski (Vienna, Austria)

Articles: Macedonian internationals, Senior & U21 national teams

Speaks: Macedonia, German, English

Konstantin Teodosi (Korçë, Albania)

Articles: 1.MFL, 2.MFL, 3.MFL

Speaks: Albanian, Macedonian, Greek and English

Alex Spirovski (UK)

Twitter and Facebook

Speaks: English

Macedonian who is born and lives in the United Kingdom. He takes care of our Twitter and Facebook profiles publishing day to day short updates about almost everything.