The chaos in Vardar continues

Trifun VardarNot even two weeks passed as we announced the new board of the most famous Macedonian football club, but the circus continues with another episode from FK Vardar as the former president Trifun Kostovski today announced his come back in the club.

Only 12 days ago we announced the take over of FK Vardar by Serbian businessman Miško Popović and naming Bojan Zahariev as new president of the club. But the "soap opera" continued today with the press conference by the former and current presidents Trifun Kostovski and Bojan Zahariev.

On the press conference, it was revealed that Miško Popović had no financial power and real intentions to save the club from the crisis. Under these conditions, when the current players and coaches haven't been payed for four months and the current squad has only 17 players who missed the winter preparations because of strikes, the former president Trifun Kostovski announced that he will stay and support the club at least until the end of this season.

Knowing the fact that the season continues in 10 days and that the current squad didn't have any serious trainings and preparations because of the crisis in the club, Kostovski announced few additions from the youth squad in order to have decent finish of the season. Trifun Kostovski also announced his wish to continue sponsoring the club in the next season, but he set few demand under which he wants the complete control of the club.

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