Blagoja Milevski in his office at FFM; photo: FFM

Milevski: “We will put up a good fight”

The U21 national team coach of Macedonia thinks that the qualification group is tough, but adds that Macedonia is ready to challenge anyone.

Blagoja Milevski spoke to the website of the Macedonian federation about the group that his team was drawn into. This is what he said, “At first look I would say that the teams in our group have similar quality, with the exception of France, who are favorites for first place. I think we’ve got interesting opponents, France is the clear favorite, but we won’t give up easily in our two games against them. We have a good generation of players. It is our job to select the players that we think are the best and that can face anyone without fear. It would have been better it we received an easier opponent from the last pot, but we can’t change that. We will put up a fight in every match, we are aware of our quality, we are hopping that the players will be healthy and ready for the challenges.”

In yesterday’s draw, Macedonia found itself in the Group 3 together with France (pot 1), Ukraine (pot 2), Scotland (pot 3), Iceland (pot 4) and Northern Ireland (pot 6). The qualifications will begin on 11 June with a road clash against Iceland.

Blagoja Milevski in his office at FFM; photo: FFM

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