Milevski: I apologize to all of Macedonia

After the disaster in Manchester, Macedonian national team coach apologized for the brutal performance of his team and made it clear that he won’t step down.

“I apologize to all of Macedonia for our performance tonight. The responsibility is mine. My whole apology to the whole nation and a special apology to all those who came to Old Trafford tonight to support us.”

“The players are the same from before, from Italy and Portugal, I am the same. Bad moments like this happen, we all have to take responsibility, I don’t have the character to give up.”

“I think that a good number of players were emotionally exhausted after the match with Ukraine and the way we lost. Maybe the mentality also influenced such a defeat. The fact is that we played an excellent 60 mins with Ukraine, but our physical deficiency is obvious.”

“I’m the one who takes the responsibility… But even so, I won’t give up at the first hurdle. I will be the biggest coward if I resign. I will not back down at the first difficulty”

England coach Gareth Southgate commented:

“To be honest, I am overjoyed with such a win of ours. But to be honest, we did not expect that from Macedonia, which we know can play much better.”

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