Ljuboten expelled from 3rd League (Wild) West

FK LjubotenUnlawfyl, criminal, immoral activities overshadowed the Round 10 in the 3rd League West where Ljuboten got expelled just because wanted the League board to follow FFM’s rules.

Around a week ago, Ljuboten appealed regarding three games in which their opponents did not meet the regulations and those games must have been awarded 3:0 for Ljuboten. In the Round 4 game involving Bratstvo Lisichani, this team fielded the players Riza Alioski and Igor Zafiroski, both without proper registration for playing. Bratstvo won 2:1. In Round 6 Ljuboten faced Shemshova who fielded Vladimir Marinkovski who as well was without proper registration. The game ended 1:1. In the Round 7 game involving Gradec, this team did not even satisfy the rules for the game to start. They did not have at least two U21 players on the bench, they only had one. Obviously Ljuboten only asks for the rules to be followed, but someone at the Third League West isn’t interested in a fair championship.

From this season FFM uses the COMET system in the First League, the Second League and the five Third Leagues. A player has a proper playing registration when his status is “confirmed” in COMET, but not if it’s just “inserted”. Following Ljuboten’s appeals, the board of the West instead of following the rules decided to expell Ljuboten from the competition claiming that the club did not play two games (which is the rule for excluding). The date of this scandalous decision is 17 October, when Ljuboten had only one unplayed game (the second was to be played this Saturday or Sunday, which is the 19th or the 20th). The reason for the expulsion by the West is named as “not appearing in two games in one season”. How is that possible since the second unplayed game was yet to happen? In its appeal, Ljuboten stated that they won’t participate in this season anymore if the rules are not followed. The board of the West simply had to wait the weekend to pass and than to exclude the club, at least following the rules for expulsion. However, they did not do that and therefore their decision is unlawful.

FFM is on the move. Actions must be taken as everyone must respect the rules. In the other third leagues (South, East, North and South-West) the rules are applied regulary, while the West is nothing more than just a wild, wild West. Just recently, Prevalec in the South lost two games on the green table for fielding two players without proper registration (both were only “inserted”). Same happened with three of Kozhuf’s games in the same league. In the East three teams (Babi, Trkanja and Rudar) have been deducted points for breaking the rules. In the North, just last week a game (Bashkimi vs. Goblen Junior) didn’t start because the hosts failed to acquist security.

Just for the record, Ljuboten is the oldest Macedionian club, founded back in 1919.

Video of Ljuboten’s press conference (in Macedonian):

These are the results of the Third League West Round 10 (Ljuboten’s results have been erased):
Rechica GR – Kamjan 1:0
Kastrioti – Gradec 4:1
Shkendija Vrutok – Shemshova 1:0
Arsimi – Vlazrimi 2:0
Sharri-T 2012 – Bratstvo Lisichani 1:2
Liria Zhelino – Prparimi Rechane 3:0
Vardari was free.

Pl. W D L +/- P
Liria Zhelino 9 6 2 1 25:13 20 play-off
Arsimi 10 5 4 1 18:8 19
Bratstvo Lisichani 9 6 1 2 16:7 19
Kamjan 9 5 2 2 17:10 17
Rechica GR 9 5 2 2 17:10 17
Vardari 9 5 2 2 21:17 17
Vlazrimi 9 5 0 4 16:13 15
Prparimi Rechane 9 3 2 4 16:18 11
Shemshova 9 3 0 6 13:20 9
Shkendija Vrutok 10 2 3 5 15:27 9 relegation
Sharri-T 2012 9 2 2 5 15:17 8 relegation
Kastrioti 10 2 1 7 11:23 7 relegation
Gradec 9 0 1 8 8:25 1 relegation


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