Overview of last seasonal round in 2.MFL East & West (Video)

The 2017/18 season ended today in both second league groups. The champions were already decided, but the play-off participant remained unknown until this very round. It will be Borec against Gostivar fighting for a promotion play-off against the 8th of the first league.

photo by FK Belasica: half time at the game in Strumica

Thriller seasonal end on the Bast. Belasica was already promoted, but Bregalnica and Borec were fighting for the promotion play-off place with the later being two points behind. Both had away games with the Blues having the more difficult task. Bregalnica had to beat first-placed Belasica away in Strumica and destroy their promotion celebration. On top of that, these two are fierce rivals playing the popular East Derby.

Borec took the lead in the 14th minute in Makedonska Kamenica, while Bregalnica missed a colossal chance and later had a goal disallowed. At that moment both were equal on points. Than, five minute before the break Belasica scored allowing Borec to be alone at the play-off spot.

Borec’s opening goal:

In the opening minutes of the second half Borec scored two quick goals to cement the win. With their wine assured, it was the match in Strumica that would decide the fate of both Borec and Bregalnica.

Bregalnica scored and equalized through defender Mishev, but they needed a winner as well in order to finish ahead of Borec due to the head to head record. The game ended 1:1 which meant that Borec is in the promotion play-offs.

Mladost stadium in Strumica
Belasica – Bregalnica 1:1 (1:0)
Goals: 40′ Pepi Gorgiev – 69′ Stefan Mishev
Referee: Zorancho Temelkov (Kavadarci)

Gradski stadium in Makedonska Kamenica
Sasa – Borec 1:3 (0:1)
Goals: 88′ Martin Gocevski – 14′, 52′ Gjorgji Gjorgjiev, 54′ Marko Gjorgjievski
Referee: Dejan Mladenovski (Skopje)

Gradski stadium in Valandovo
Pobeda (V) – Tikvesh 1:12 (1:5)
Goals: 34′ Aleksandar Tenekedjiev – 19′ Simeon Simonov, 24′, 27′, 69′ 73′, 75′ Darko Dodev, 29′ Sasho Dukov, 42′ Naumche Bakracheski, 55′, 66′ Robert Mitev, 56′ Igor Gjorgjiev, 87′ Pavle Bogev
Referee: Dimitar Pileshkov (Shtip)

Nikola Mantov stadium in Kochani
Osogovo – Kozhuf 1:2 (1:0)
Goals: 29′ Dragan Paunov – 65′, 90’+3 Rade Ristenski
Referee: Vlatko Ilioski (Prilep)

Plachkovica was idle.

Final standings:

2.MFL East 2017/18

Promotion | 1.MFL
Play-off |
Relegation | 3.MFL

Similar situation was on the West. With Makedonija GjP already promoted, it was left for Gostivar and Vlazrimi 77 to decide the participant in the promotion play-off.

Seemed like Gostivar had a tougher task as they welcomed the Lions, but the promoted visitors weren’t really motivated and after the first 45 minute were already down by two goals. This lead for Gostivar meant that regardless of the outcome of the match involving Vlazrimi 77, they would end up second.

Ljama (R) celebrates his opening goal; photo: KF Gostivar

At the end Gostivar won and qualified for a promotion play-off against Borec. Practically, it was Bashkim Ljama who brought Gostivar the play-off as he scored a hat-trick against the champions. Vlazrimi 77 celebrated away to Teteks, but it was only a Pyrrhic win.

Gradski stadium in Gostivar
Gostivar – Makedonija GjP 3:0 (2:0)
Goals: 29′, 39′, 60′ Bashkim Ljama
Referee: Vasko Mavrov (Strumica)

AMS stadium in Tetovo
Teteks – Vlazrimi 77 2:4 (0:1)
Goals: 70′ (pen) Igor Savevski, 90’+1 Marjan Bilbiloski – 27′ Belul Nebiu, 71′ Murat Adili, 80′ Malikj Beluli, 82′ Alen Dimoski
Referee: Riste Sejmenov (Strumica)

Atina Bojadji stadium in Ohrid
Lokomotiva – Struga 1:5 (0:2)
Goals: 78′ Kristijan Apostolovski – 10′ Agon Istrefi, 45′ Flamur Tairi, 68′ Antonio Kalanoski, 79′ Blagojche Glavevski, 80′ Veton Hani
Referee: Nikola Kostenchev (Skopje)

Gradski stadium in Kichevo
Zajazi – Labunishta 1:7 (1:3)
Goals: 19′ Rihan Zekjiri – 3′ Bojan Spirkoski, 25′, 33′ Pajazit Saliu, 78′, 87′ Azdren Mena, 85′ Rilind Dauti, 90′ Darko Simjanoski
Referee: Blagojche Ralevski (Bitola)

Gorno Lisiche stadium in Skopje
Gorno Lisiche – Novaci 0:0
Goals: /
Referee: Nderim Tefiku (Kumanovo)

Final standings:

2.MFL West 2017/18

Promotion | 1.MFL
Play-off |
Relegation | 3.MFL

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