Jasmin Mecinovikj (R)

Mecinovikj: “I would never risk my career!”

Jasmin Mecinovikj (R)Jasmin Mecinovikj provided a statement to MacedonianFootball.com following reports that he was involved in a betting scandal.

Jasmin Mecinovikj told our website the following, “Everything is simply wrongly deliberated by the media in Hungary.  I hate seeing my name connected with something like this.  The players involved in this scandal were arrested in June, and now after a few months everyone that played in that game has been summoned for questioning so more detailed information can be gathered.  When it comes to me, after the game I was praised as the best player and later I was even called up to the Macedonian senior national team.  What the other players have been doing should serve in their conscience.  When it comes to my part in that game, it will be proven very soon.  Even the club has stood behind me, they hired the best lawyers so I’m expecting that everything will be solved very soon.”

He continued, “My career has always been the most important thing for me.  I have played abroad since I was 19 and until now I have played with success in three different countries, without any problems.  I’m followed by other clubs and believe me when I say that there is nothing in this world that would make me risk my career.”

Hungarian media reported earlier that the 23-year-old defender, along with numerous other players, have been suspected of being involved in a betting scandal.  The game in question that police authorities believe included betting irregularities is the league encounter between Egri and Paks on 4 May 2013 of last season.

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