Macedonia looking to recruit Basel’s Naser Aliji

Basel's Naser AlijiBesides Riza Durmisi, Macedonia would also like Basel left-back Naser Aliji to join its ranks.

Naser Aliji is different from Riza Durmisi in that he was actually born in Macedonia (in Skopje), while Durmisi was born in Denmark. Still, Aliji moved at a young age to Switzerland where he currently plays for Swiss giant Basel. He is a left-back, just like Durmisi, and Macedonia is hoping to snatch up at least one of those players.

The news about Macedonia recruiting Aliji was confirmed by Argjend Beqiri, one of the assistants under national team manager Boshko Gjurovski. One of Beqiri’s main responsibilities is to recruit ethnic Albanian players who have some connection to Macedonia. It’s his job to contact those players to see if they have an interest in playing for Macedonia. That’s how the national team secured Besart Abdurahimi and Arijan Ademi. Beqiri got in touch with them and their families, and later they agreed to represent Macedonia.

In this case, Beqiri told Lajm Press that he has contacted the family of Naser Aliji, but he has yet to hear a response. Aliji turns 21 years old later this month and has formerly been capped by the youth national teams of Switzerland. Besides Macedonia, it is rumored that Albania’s national team may also have interest in adding Aliji. His first priority remains representing Switzerland, but he may not be good enough for their senior national team, based on our talks with Swiss journalists who have watched Aliji.

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