2.MFL season 2022/23 draw made

Eight days after the top flight draw took place today was made the draw for the second division as well.

The draw took place at FFM’s headquarters at 16.30 CET with 16 teams entering the pots. This season the 2.MFL will be compiled of a single group as the division East and West is abandoned after 5 seasons since did not prove to be better than the standard one group league.

The season will have 30 round as it will be played using the standard system with one home and away match for each team, unlike the top flight who uses a system with an additional third part.

Here are the Round 1 pairs:

Kozhuf vs. Pelister

Arsimi vs. Vardar

Ohrid vs. Teteks

Detonit Plachkovica vs. Belasica

Karaorman vs. Voska Sport

Borec vs. Sloga 1934

Lokomotiva (S) vs. Gostivar

Sasa vs. Besa 1976

The top two teams will be promotion in the 1.MFL for the 2023/24 season with the 3rd and 4th placed teams entering a promotion play-offs against the 9th and 10th place top flight teams.

FFM is yet to confirm how many teams will be relegated into the third league groups, respectively.

The 2022/23 season will start with the Round 1 matches on 13 August with a kick-off scheduled at 17.00 CET. The league will end on 13 May with the Round 30.

Lone debutantes this season is the team of Arsimi from the village of Chegrane who won the promotion play-offs together with Karaorman, a team that has a 13 season history in the second division, but get back after long 14 years that has been stuck in the third league.

The league will also feature two teams relegated from the 1.MFL: Pelister and Borec.

Pehchevo, who earned a place after avoiding relegation in last season’s group East, sold its place to Skopje based Lokomotiva who during the opening season will be called Pehchevo but with an address in Skopje. Detonit, also from the East, did a fusion with far more famous local rivals Plachkovica with the joint team to play under the name Detonit Plachkovica.

The biggest Macedonian derby, named Derby of Macedonia, between Vardar and Pelister, for the first time in the Macedonian football history will be played in the second league. It is scheduled to take place on 26 November as part of the Round 14.

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