Pehchevo sells 2.MFL spot to Lokomotiva

Lokomotiva from Skopje gets back in the second division after taking over the place of Pehchevo.

Pehchevo managed to avoid relegation the past season, but since has financial difficulties decided to sell its place.

Lokomotiva (do not confuse it with the other Lokomotiva from Gradsko that played second league football last season) had second league ambitions since getting relegated from there in the season 2017/18, but did not manage to over come the third divisional group North. This group was the only one that was not played last season, so Lokomotiva could not fight for promotion on the field.

In the beginning of the new season Lokomotiva will be using the name Pehchevo.

From 2007/08 to 2013/14 Lokomotiva completed 7 season in the 2.MFL, and with the one in 2017/18 now will play its 9th second league season. The club formed back in 1954 has its own small stadium in the Karposh neighborhood in the capital city of Skopje.

It remains unknown what will happen with Pehchevo. The club was known as Kit-Go until 7 months ago when the sponsor with the same name left the club as they had already taken over more prestigious Bregalnica from Shtip. Originaly, Kit-Go had revived the former Napredok from Pehchevo, a club that ceased to exist in 2009. Will the team find finances to play in the third division or will be put down again, remains unknown. The fourth divisional league in that part of Macedonia have been inactive for years, so it they don’t play in the 3.MFL East they are doomed.

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