Detonit & Plachkovica fuse

The two Radovish based clubs decided to fuse in order to make one stronger club that will be competitive in the second league.

photo by FK Detonit Plachkovica Radovish

Radovish is a small town in Southeastern Macedonia with barely above 15.000 citizens. It cannot hold two clubs competing on high level. That’s the reason why Detonit and Plachkovica decided to join forces and make one stronger club. Smart move, definitely.

From now on the lone Radovish based club will be called Detonit Plachkovica. Details are yet to be revealed, but it will probably take over the base of Plachkovica, since that club is the soul of the town. Formed back in 1942, Plachkovica has a rich history despite never participating in the top flight, but has spent 13 seasons in the second division, especially in the 90s when on two occasions finished 3rd and missed promotion.

On the other hand, Detonit was formed not long ago, in 2014. It is owned by the Detonit company who is specialized for production of industrial explosives. They have the financies that Plachkovica never had.

Not just these two, but the local football academy Azzurri Kids also joined. It is a academy for children under the age of 13, so Detonit Plachkovica will now have a future in young players as well.

We are looking forward to see the new logo of the club, something the board is yet to reveal.

Since Detonit avoided relegation last season, this upcoming season Detonit Plachkovica will participate in the 2.MFL, that from this season won’t be divided into two groups but it will be played in one group with 16 team. Last season Plachkovica opted not to compete in the third league East as the fusion was planed months ago.

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