Vardari & Plachkovica face point deduction

Three points have been deducted from Vardari, while one from Plachkovica after a decision was made by the FFM.

Both second league clubs have also been fined 250 each.

Group West side Vardari did not play the Round 12 home match against Vlazrimi 77. The night before the match the club announced that they will no continue to play the season, but a week later decided to keep participating. Still, according to the rules, they had to be punished for not appearing in that match and FFM deducted 3 points from them. That affects the West table as now Vardari has 10 points and moves to the bottom place, equal on points with Drita but worse goal-difference.

Group East side Plachkovica was deducted 1 point as their U17 team did not appear in any match of the third league in this category this season. The rule says that every club that participates in the top two leagues must be active in at least two youth leagues or will face fines and point deductions. This deductions doesn’t make nay changes at the East table as Plachkovica is still 9th but now with 10 points.

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