Vardar, Gorno Lisiche reprimanded, Bujchevski can return to football

After a while, the Bujchevski case was solved and decisions were brought.

Vardar and Gorno Lisiche were handed warnings for their irregular transfer of the player Antonio Bujchevski from the latter to the former club. As a reminder, this player has transferred from Gorno Lisiche to Vardar on the 30th of August. Prior to that, he has collected the necessary documentation on the 26th of August, but played a match for Gorno Lisiche on 28th so his documentation should have been updated. Later, he played for Vardar against Metalurg on 1st of September and even scored a goal but Metalurg filed a complaint because they thought the player was irregularly registered for Vardar.

After more then 2 months, the disciplinary committee of FFM decided to hand warnings to Vardar, Gorno Lisiche and the football associations of municipalities Kisela Voda and Gazi Baba. Additionally, Antonio Bujchevski has been handed a two-months suspension but starting from 2nd of September, so he will be available for Vardar from next round.

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