U15: Win and draw vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina

A narrow win and a draw is the outcome of the two road friendlies against Bosni-Herzegovina over the last two days.

Both games were played in Vogošća, a secondary suburb of the capital city of Sarajevo. In the first game on Tuesday, the young Macedonians managed to celebrate a 2:1 win. Vasil Krstev brought Macedonia the lead, but the home team equalized shortly before the break. Keep in mind that each half was 30 minutes apiece. The eventual game winner came courtesy of substitute Bojan Kolevski. All called-up players got a chance to play expect for the injured Borjan Panovski and Jakup Berisha.

The second game took place the very next day, under the same rules of two 30 minute halves. Macedonia started the game furiously and opened the scoring early in the third minute through Kristijan Ristevski. The home side eventually notched the equalizer eleven minutes after the break. The final score stayed at 1:1.

Keep in mind that this generation of players is actually the new U16. Both federations listed the national teams as U15, but in reality the players are born in the year 2000 which makes them U16.

Moment in the first game: photo: NFSBIH

Hakija Mršo stadium in Vogošća
Bosnia-Herzegovina U16 – Macedonia U16 1:2 (1:1)
Goals: 28′ Đani Salčin – 19′ Vasil Krstev, 42′ Bojan Kolevski
Bosnia-Herzegovina: Nikola Mijović; Adis Mujkić, Irhad Vladavić, Vlado Tomić, Rijad Sadiku, Miladin Piljunović, Ahmed Hasanović, Đani Salčin, Kenan Šahbazović, Milan Šoja, Armin Imamović. Also played: Harun Ibraković, Dušan Ristović, Dorjan Dojčinović, Haris Kolar, Harun Hadžić, Stefan Vasiljević.
Macedonia: Luka Nakov; Viktor Rizankovski, Hristijan Dodevski, Angel Stratorski, Besir Ramadani, Filip Stojanovski, Emir Skenderi, Altin Sefo, Marko Gjorgjevski, Enis Fazlagikj, Vasil Krstev. Also played: Bojan Kolevski, Mario Naumovski, Donat Aliu, Kristijan Ristevski, Filip Antovski, Ensar Luma, Elvir Ramikj.

Hakija Mršo stadium in Vogošća
Bosnia-Herzegovina U16 – Macedonia U16 1:1 (0:1)
Goals: 41′ Armin Imamović – 3′ Kristijan Ristevski
Bosnia-Herzegovina: Denis Begović; Adis Mujkić, Irhad Vladavić, Haris Kolar, Rijad Sadiku, Miladin Pijunović, Ahmed Hasanović, Đani Salčin, Stefan Vasiljević, Harun Ibraković, Harun Hadžić. Also played: Nikola Mijović, Adnan Ćerimić, Kenan Šahbazović, Armin Imamović, Dušan Ristović, Dorjan Dojčinović
Macedonia: Jordan Kostadinov; Angel Stratorski, Enis Fazlagikj, Kristijan Ristevski, Borjan Panovski, Elvir Ramikj, Ensar Luma, Donat Aliu, Bojan Kolevski, Mario Naumovski, Filip Antovski. Also played: Hristijan Dodevski, Emir Skenderi, Viktor Rizankovski, Filip Stojanovski, Altin Sefo, Vasil Krstev, Marko Gjorgjievski, Jakup Berisha.

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