Aleksandar Trajkovski: My dream has come true

Alex with his new shirt; photo: US PalermoPalermo introduced Aleksandar Trajkovski on Saturday, and it was revealed that he has chosen to wear #8 for his new club.

At his press conference on Saturday, the 22-year-old Macedonian international quickly said this transfer was a dream come true. After playing in Macedonia, Croatia and Belgium, he will now play in one of the best leagues in the world, the Italian Serie A. He could not hide his excitement to have the chance to prove himself in Italy.

Trajkovski said, “I always wanted to play in a big league. Serie A is one of the most important leagues in Europe, so I can say that my dream has come true. I am very happy to train here with Palermo.”

He continued, “My best qualities are technique and speed, but I will show this to you on the field. I hope that will be as soon as possible. I can play as a striker or behind the front line. In a 4-3-3 formation. I can play anywhere in the three attacking positions because I am a versatile player.”

Aleksandar started his career in the youth team of Cementarnica 55, a small club from Skopje that used to be in the Macedonian First League. However, that team is now stuck in the fourth leagues.

Below are some of his other comments at the presser:

“As a little boy my dream was to become a great European footballer, and today I am here in Europe with a great desire to show that my dream can become reality. I hope that I will make it.”

“I share the passion of the best players. Today, my idols are [Eden] Hazard and [Andrés] Iniesta, two great champions from which I can learn a lot.”

“For this season, I hope that we can earn a Europa League spot. I have already played in the Europa League and in the Champions League, so I am aware of all the emotions that can be felt in these important competitions. I really hope we can reach them.”

Lastly, when asked about competition within the club, Trajkovski noted, “For me, competition is a positive thing because it makes you fight for a spot in the first eleven. It will make me better, as well as the other players, so it can only make the team stronger. Competition is a very positive element.”

To summarize, his dream of signing with a big club has indeed come true. Now, whether he becomes a regular, that remains to be seen. The Serie A season kicks off on August 22. To prepare, Palermo is currently holding their training camp in Austria.

Video of Trajkovski’s presentation (in Italian):

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