Tome Pacovski back for Beerschot

The head injury will not force Pacovski to miss any games as he was included in the Beerschot squad for tomorrow’s road game against Westerlo.

Goalkeeper Tome Pacovski was forced to be substituted in the 70th minute of the previous game against Gent after taking an elbow to the head.  There was also bleeding after the elbow opened a wound on Pacovski’s head but Tome has recovered well by taking painkillers and should be good to go for tomorrow’s league game against Westerlo.  Pacovski resumed training in midweek for Beerschot who only called up two keepers for tomorrow’s game in Pacovski and Kristof Maes.

Here are the Beerschot players called up for tomorrow’s game, courtesy of the club’s official website:

Maes, Pačovski; Fjoluson, Kagelmacher, Malul, Mikulič, Van der Heyden, Wuytens; De Decker, Losada, Nyoni, Omolo, Porokara, Rojas; Custovič, Dayan, François, Laerenbergh, MacDonald, Sidibe.

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