Sileks and Bregalnica coaches resign

Zhikica Tasevski and Emil Grnev have resigned from the head coaching positions at Sileks and Bregalnica due to the bad results.

photo: Tasevski (L) and Grnev (R)

Sileks is currently second to last on the first league table with only one win, three draws and four defeats. They only managed to celebrate over Renova in the third round at home which was enough for head coach Zhikica Tasevski to decide to take responsability. The 40-year-old coach was taking charge in Kratovo since October 2016. It is still early to say who will take his place.

Underperforming second league East side Bregalnica also saw their head coach leave. Emil Grnev failed to make the Blues fighting for promotion, something that was highly expected for them. After the three wins in the first three rounds the club went downhill and yesterday even lost away to pointless Detonit, a result that was decisive for 35-year-old Grnev to step down. He was in Shtip since December 2017. It is unclear who will substitute him.

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