Referee Shuleski steps down, accuses of being asked to fix a game

Shuleski at Bregalnica v Shkendija; photo: KF ShkendijaStevche Shuleski blames that he was asked to fix a First League game and later accused for favoring the visiting team in Bregalnica – Shkendija.

On his facebook profile the Ohrid born referee who is among the best in Macedonia, posted a pretty large statement in which he reveals his decision to quit his job as referee due to improper demands to fix a game. He directly speaks to and attacks Dushko Stojanovski, the man who works as commissioner for appointing referees in the Football federation of Macedonia.

“Everything started after I was asked to do my refereeing job in favor of one team and as a reward I would be appointed as main referee of the 2015 Super Cup. You have probably expected me to make a fool of myself and dishonor my principles, but of course, you were wrong.” says Shuleski as he doesn’t reveal in which game he was asked to do “a good job”, but it was a game from this season that was played in the rounds before the Super Cup that took place in September.

“Then came the second round of the second half-season when you were probably standing hidden in the stands in order to search for evidence that I am close with the visiting team. Because obviously there weren’t any, you grabbed to the awarded penalty in favor of that team although the home team never protested, the game supervisor did not say I was wrong, and even the home coach reacted towards the player who made the faul. These are clear indicators if the decision was right or not. Then this Dule (Dushko Stojanovski, editor’s note) started blaming me that the faul was outside of the box, but luckily a video came out in the media that was so precise that even blind people could see the penalty.”

Here it is clear that Shuleski speaks about the Round 20 game between Bregalnica and Shkendija that was played in Kochani on 28th of February. Shkendija, the visiting team, took the lead in the 50th minute after Besart Ibraimi converted a penalty kick. Since that is the second round played after the winter break, and that it is the only game that round with a converted penalty, it is clear that Shuleski speaks about that game although never mentions the names of the teams.

You can see the faul for the penalty on 1:33 in the video posted below. Seems like it is inside the box and as Shuleski says, the home players do not protest.

In the long statement, Shuleski also reveals his decision to quit from referring until changes occur in the Committee for referees.

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