Rangjelovikj arrives on trial at FC Minsk

P. Rangjelovikj (L) playing for Macedonia; photo: whoateallthepies.tvMidfielder Predrag Rangjelovikj arrived in Belarus on Friday where he will be looking to secure a contract with FC Minsk.

Predrag Rangjelovikj, who turns 24 in early March, is currently a free agent after Jagodina decided to release him following the conclusion of the first half of the season in Serbia.  Afterwards, even though there was talk that Predrag would return to Vardar, his first preference is still to play abroad.  Vardar appears to only be a fall back action if Rangjelovikj is unable to sign with a team from abroad.

With that being said, Rangjelovikj arrived in Belarus on Friday where he will begin a trial with FC Minsk, a team that finished in 9th place during the 2013 season.  FC Minsk recently began its winter preparations in anticipation for the new 2014 season which begins this upcoming March.

Rangjelovikj is a Serbian born player who decided to represent Macedonia internationally after his good play with Vardar from 2011 to 2013 and thanks to his Macedonian heritage through his grandmother was given clearance by FIFA.  Then, in the summer of 2013 he left for Jagodina when he lasted just several months before he was released.  Predrag’s best position at Vardar was in defensive midfield.  To date, he has won 3 caps for the senior national team of Macedonia.

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