Getting to know series: Stefan Ashkovski

Stefan Ashkovski; photo: partizan.rsStefan Ashkovski is the latest player to be featured in our getting to know series on the website.  Ashkovski addressed several topics, including his early beginnings in football, his preferred position and whether the U21 team has enough talent to contribute to the senior national team in the future.

Stefan Ashkovski, who will turn 22 years old in about one month, will spend the second half of the Serbian season in Napredak where he will be on loan from Partizan.  This comes after being loaned to Donji Srem during the first half of the campaign.  Donji Srem publicly stated that they wanted to extend the loan agreement, but Partizan ultimately decided to send Ashkovski to Napredak.

Ashkovski has spent his entire professional career in Serbia.  Besides winning one league cap for the first team of Partizan during the 2012-13 season, Stefan has also played for Teleoptik, Partizan’s reserve team that competes in the second division, Donji Srem and now Napredak.

Stefan was born in Skopje so we asked him about how he wound up in Partizan, his preferred position on the field, the biggest difference between clubs like Partizan and Donji Srem, his expectations during the loan at Napredak, and whether the U21 national team, where he is a regular, possesses enough talent to help the senior national team in the near future.

Here is how Ashkovski responded in our question and answer session:

MF: Stefan, tell us about your early beginnings in football. When did you start playing the game?
SA: My career began in Metalurg with the coach Bimbo, then at Vardar, and at 14-15 years old in the youth categories of Partizan.

MF: Where do you feel most comfortable when it comes to your position? Left-back or further up the field?
SA: According to me, the position that suits me best is left back, but I can also play more offensive minded as well.

MF: What is the biggest difference that you have observed between playing for Partizan and another Serbian club like Donji Srem, where you were recently on loan?
SA: Well, certainly there are large differences, but my experience was super at Donji Srem, especially since I played regularly.

MF: You have now been loaned to Napredak. What are your expectations for the rest of the season with your new club?
SA: I expect a good second half of the season and to perform there like I did at Donji Srem.  I want to play well and for the club to achieve the best possible position on the table.

MF: You have become a regular for the Macedonian U21 national team. How would you describe your experience and do you feel the U21 squad features enough talent to help the senior national team in the near future?
SA: Surely playing for Macedonia is something beautiful, and I am confident that there is enough talent to overcome the tough situation in the senior national team.  However, that can’t happen overnight.  It requires giving a chance to the young generation and to be patient, and surely the results will come.

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