Pandev would like to stay at Napoli

Carlo Pallavicino, the agent of Goran Pandev, told Gazzetta dello Sport that his client would like to make his Napoli move permanent after the loan deal expires at the end of the season.

After scoring two goals in yesterday’s match against Juventus, Pandev has been receiving praise after a slow start to the season.  Goran is currently on a one year loan from Inter to Napoli.  However, Pandev’s agent stated today that Goran would like to make his Napoli move permanent.

Carlo Pallavicino stated the following to Gazzetta dello Sport, “Considering the good rapport between the Napoli president and his Inter counterpart, there is a possibility that a permanent deal could be reached.  If that was to happen, we would be truly happy.”

Pallavicino added, “For the time being, I’m happy that Pandev’s arrival has been important for the team.  When you arrive in Naples, you no longer want to leave.  Goran is more convinced than ever that he wants to remain at Napoli.”

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