Tome Pacovski had to leave today's game; photo:

Pacovski left game for Beerschot after taking elbow to head

Tome Pacovski had to leave today's game; photo: beerschot.beGoalkeeper Tome Pacovski was forced to be substituted in the 70th minute by Beerschot after he was elbowed in the head by an opposing player.

Tome Pacovski had a scary moment in today’s game between Gent and Beerschot after an opposing player inadvertently elbowed Pacovski in the head.  The elbow opened a wound and there was bleeding on Pacovski’s head.  The Beerschot doctors tried to intervene and patch up the bleeding for several minutes but Pacovski could not continue so he was then substituted by Kristof Maes in the 70th minute.  Beerschot was leading 1:0 at that time and managed to hold on to the slim victory.

Beerschot has had tough luck with goalkeepers this season.  The usual starter, Stijn Stijnen, is currently out with a wrist injury and the head injury to Pacovski forced the Beerschot manager to turn to the team’s #3 keeper Kristof Maes.  Prior to his injury, Pacovski was having another solid outing as he did not concede a goal against Gent, the second placed team on the table.  Gent has actually scored the most goals in the Belgian top division but they failed to reach the back of the net in today’s minimal home loss against Beerschot who moved to eight place on the table.

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