Overview of Day 1 at 2019 Maso Cup (Photo)

The 11th edition of the traditional Macedonia-Australian tournament kicked-off earlier today in Queanbeyan with seven matches played in the main tournament.

photo by Wollongong United FC: a duel between a Wollongong and a Newcastle player during the opening match

Due to the cancellation of Yagoona Lions in the main tournament, the two groups saw a minor change. With Newcastle Suns being the last drawn team in Groups B, and since that group had six teams while the other had five, the Suns were moved into Group A who without Yagoona was left with four teams. That also led to few changes in the schedule. Anyway, Yagoona did not entirely cancel its participation at the Maso Cup as they are playing in the Over 35 tournament.

The Day 1 saw holders Broadmeadow Magic smashing the Newcastle Suns with 6:0, while in the other group Preston Lions and Rockdale City Suns recorded two wins and already announced their aim for the semifinals. Hosts Queanbeyan City, who are celebrating their 50th anniversary, were left disappointed as they got defeated twice. But keep in kind that in the opening day they faced title favorites Rockdale and Preston.

Moment of the opening ceremony; photo: Wollongong United FC

Group A results:

Wollongong United – Newcastle Suns 1:0
goal: Naiif Jay
Bankstown City – Altona Magic 0:0
Broadmeadow Magic – Newcastle Suns 6:0
goals: James Virgili (brace), Krystian Brymora, Ryan Ensor, Kale Bradbery, Jacob Dowse

1. Broadmeadow Magic 1 1 0 0 6:0 3 quarter-finals
2. Wollongong United 1 1 0 0 1:0 3 quarter-finals
3. Altona Magic 1 0 1 0 0:0 1 quarter-finals
4. Bankstown City 1 0 1 0 0:0 1 quarter-finals
5. Newcastle Suns 2 0 0 2 0:7 0


09.00 Broadmeadow Magic vs. Bankstown City at Seiffert Oval
10.00 Altona Magic vs. Wollongong United at Seiffert Oval
12.00 Newcastle Suns vs. Bankstown City at Seiffert Oval
13.00 Altona Magic vs. Broadmeadow Magic at Seiffert Oval
15.00 Wollongong United vs. Bankstown City at Seiffert Oval
16.00 Altona Magic vs. Newcastle Suns at Seiffert Oval
18.00 Wollongong United vs. Broadmeadow Magic at Seiffert Oval

Group B results:

Cringila Lions – Rockdale City Suns 0:2
goals: Jonathan Grozdanovski (brace)
Queanbeyan City – Preston Lions 0:2
goals: Jacob Fulluck, Alex Tanevski
Preston Lions – Geelong 1:0
goal: Jacob Fulluck
Rockdale City Suns – Queanbeyan City 4:0
goals: Lecce, Cho, Canak, Botic

1. Rockdale City Suns 2 2 0 0 6:0 6 quarter-finals
2. Preston Lions 2 2 0 0 3:0 6 quarter-finals
3. Geelong 1 0 0 1 0:1 0 quarter-finals
4. Cringila Lions 1 0 0 1 0:2 0 quarter-finals
5. Queanbeyan City 2 0 0 2 0:6 0


11.00 Queanbeyan City vs. Cringila Lions at Campese Oval
11.00 Rockdale City Suns vs. Preston Lions at Seiffert Oval
13.00 Preston Lions vs. Cringila Lions at Campese Oval
14.00 Queanbeyan City vs. Geelong at Seiffert Oval
17.00 Rockdale City Suns vs. Geelong at Seiffert Oval
19.00 Cringila Lions vs. Geelong at Seiffert Oval

All times are local. The tournament will be concluded on Monday when the knockout stage will he held.

The opening ceremony from distance; photo: Preston Lions FC

The opening again; photo: Wollongong United FC

Defending champions Broadmeadow Magic FC before their match; photo: Broadmeadow Magic FC

Team Newcastle Suns; photo: Newcastle Suns FC

Preston Lions before their opening match; photo: Preston Lions FC

Altona Magic before facing Bankstown City; photo: Altona Magic SC

Team Banckstown; photo: Banckstown City FC

The players of Rockdale before their first match; photo: Rockdale City Suns FC

The Geelong team; photo: Geelong SC

The Presidents and representatives from all participating clubs; photo: Preston Lions FC

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