Macedonia to face Kosovo in the play-off semifinal

Kosovo will the opponent that Macedonia will have to eliminate in order to reach the final of the play-off for winning a place at the 2020 EURO.

photo by Le Matin: the Kosovo players celebrate a goal in the Nations League


After an exiting end of the UEFA Nations League League D group stage matches, it is the national team of Kosovo that ended as third-best group winner and will face Macedonia in the semifinal of the play-off for reaching 2020 EURO.

Kosovo tonight smashed their direct rivals Azerbaijan with 4:0 and cemented the first place in the Group 3. This result put Belarus on the fourth place and sent them on a semifinal match with best-ranked Georgia.

Macedonia will be host of the single legged semifinal in March 2020. The exact date will the 26th, 27th or 28th. The winner will go to the final that will be played few days later, on the 29th, 30th or the 31st.

Of course, this is all still hypothetical as the standard qualifiers for the 2020 EURO are yet to be played. If even one of the four teams qualifies through the standard qualifiers, the pairs will be changed as a new team will get a chance. But in reality it is hard to believe that any of Georgia, Macedonia, Belarus or Kosovo will be able to make a sensation and qualify through the standard qualifiers.


  1. Reply Post By John Askey

    how can I buy tickets for the match North Macedonia v Kosovo??????????

  2. Reply Post By Filip Zdraveski

    u cant, there’s still plenty of time until tickets r released for sale

    1. Reply Post By john askey

      when will the tickets be released for sale??????????

      1. Reply Post By Filip Zdraveski

        first half of March

  3. Reply Post By john askey

    thanks 😉

  4. Reply Post By john askey

    its now the 1st half of March so when will tickets for Macedonia v Kosovo go on sale exactly??????????

    1. Reply Post By Filip Zdraveski

      they are on sale since the start of this week

      1. Reply Post By john askey

        please can you tell meexactly where and if its possible to buy therm online???????? I cant find any info anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Reply Post By Filip Zdraveski

          there were like 10 locations across the country that sold the tickets, but in just few days they got sold, so u cant buy anymore.

  5. Reply Post By john askey

    can you get me 2 please???????????? $$$$$$$$$$ 😉

  6. Reply Post By john askey

    is this match going ahead???????? If so with or without fans????????

    1. Reply Post By Filip Zdraveski

      probably not, UEFA will decide on Tuesday. if it must be played, it will be behind closed doors.

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