1.MFL Power Rankings 18/19 (Edition II)

Take a look at our comparison of the form of all first league participants over their last six matches played before the Nations League break.

Shkendija took over the top in the top flight and also came on top in the Power Rankings with an almost perfect record. Surprisingly, second is Shkupi whose good form wasn’t enough to climb much on the first league table.


This edition include the last 6 matches for every team. Keep in mind that the first quarter-final legs of the Macedonian Cup are included. That means that all teams except Renova, Shkupi and Vardar have one cup and five league matches, while these three have only league matches. Included are all league matches from Round 10 to Round 14, while for Renova, Shkupi and Vardar are also included their matches from Round 9 since they were not part of the cup quarter-finals.

Rank CHG Teams RCRD
1 ↑2 5-0-1


The title holders entered a period of great form that brought them the first league top. They recorded only one defeat, the surprising home loss in the first leg of the cup quarter-finals against Pobeda.
2 ↑8 3-1-2


The Pigeons are the best movers since the previous ranking. From the bottom place they are now second, moving up eight places!
3 ↑3 2-3-1


Renova moved to third place with a good form in which they lost only one match. But since that home defeat by Rabotnichki, they remained undefeated for four rounds.
4 ↑4 3-0-3


Hot and cold for the Academy. Equal number of wins and defeats with not a single draw. They won every home game, but lost all on the road. That is still much better compared to their previous ranking.
4 ↑1 3-0-3


The Lions have the same record as Akademija Pandev. The difference is that after the first win they entered a period of three defeats in a row to than win twice.
4 = 3-0-3


Prilep’s Monkeys are the third teams with a 3-0-3 record. Their form changes from game to game going up and down.
7 ↓5 2-2-2


Biggest disappointment are surely the former holders Vardar. Second in the previous rankings they now fall to the seventh place.
8 ↓7 2-1-3


Last time leaders, now near the bottom. After the surprising top place thanks to the great form, Belasica entered a struggling period and therefore dropped the most places.
8 ↓2 2-1-3


Sileks is doing similar as in the previous rankings. The only difference is a draw less in favor of a third defeat. Their form hasn’t changed.
10 ↓1 2-0-4


Rabotnichki still can’t find its form. After winning twice in the first three matches everyone thought that the Club Hero would eventually get back up, but than they lost three in a row. Even the new coach could not fix the things so far.

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