Macedonia has been in contact with Riza Durmisi

Riza Durmisi and Ferhan Hasani; photo: mx.dkWe reached out to Riza Durmisi, a 20-year-old left-back who plays in Denmark for Brøndby, and he informed us that the Macedonian federation has approached him about representing the national team.

Riza Durmisi is a Danish born, 20-year-old player who features on the left hand side.  He can play at left-back, left midfield and even on the left wing.  Earlier today, we contacted Durmisi with two questions and he answered them shortly later.  Our questions were whether the Macedonian federation has approached him about playing for Macedonia’s national team, and also whether he is considering that option (if he has indeed been contacted).

Durmisi responded that yes, Macedonia has approached him about playing for its national team and on the second question he said that he still hasn’t decided what national team he will represent in the future.  Riza also added that he has talked to his Brøndby teammate Ferhan Hasani, already a member of the Macedonian national team, about the possibility of playing together for Macedonia.

Riza has been capped a total of 52 times by Denmark’s various youth national teams.  According to his profile on Denmark’s football association, which you can view here, Durmisi has 7 caps for U16, 27 caps for U17, 15 caps for U19 and 3 caps for U21.

Furthermore, we talked with a knowledgeable Danish football fan on twitter to get his thoughts on Durmisi’s abilities as a player.  Below is our twitter exchange with Jesper (@jesperd111):

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