Lazevski could be leaving Partizan

Serbian newspapers are reporting that left-back Aleksandar Lazevski could be set to leave Partizan during the January transfer window.

Apparently, Lazevski is expandable at Partizan since he has fallen second on the depth chart at left-back behind Vladimir Volkov.  Also, Serbian newspapers are reporting that Partizan is interesting in acquiring 20-year-old left-back Filip Mladenović from Borac Čačak in January and if that transfer occurs, that will surely mean the end of Lazevski with Partizan.

Lazevski was a regular at LB for Partizan last season but lost his starting job once Partizan signed Vladimir Volkov earlier this summer.  Lazevski recently played in several games but that was because Volkov was nursing an injury.  However, Volkov just returned in the last game and Aleksandar was not even on the bench for Partizan in that match.

Lazevski grew up in the Partizan youth system and has spent his entire professional career with the club.  He has played for both the first team of Partizan and also FK Teleoptik, which is like the second team of the club where they send many of their youngsters to gain experience.  Although Lazevski was born in Serbia, he decided to represent Macedonia internationally and has thus far made six appearances for the senior national team while also being capped by Macedonia U21.

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