Hristijan Dimoski in action for Ohrid

Interview with Ohrid’s attacker Hristijan Dimoski

Hristijan Dimoski in action for OhridExclusively for, Hristijan Dimoski talks about his career, his current club FK Ohrid, and his plans for the future.

Hristijan Dimoski, who was born in the city of Ohrid on 29 September 1985, has been in great form this season, especially after the beginning of October, as he scored a goal in each game during that period.  He scored five goals and assisted once during four games in October which led to Dimoski being included in the Macedonian best starting 11 for that month.  Additionally, he was also chosen by as the second best player for October just behind Aleksandar Todorovski, national team player and member of Polonia Warszawa.  Dimoski has played in 14 games for Ohrid this season with 6 goals with 2 assists.
MF: Tell us more about your first experience with football.  Where and when did you start your career?  Also, who has left the biggest impression on your career?
HD: I started playing football a long time ago, when I was 7 years old.  I began training with Ohrid under the coaches Aco Gavrilovski and Kire Marin.  For my development as a footballer, I think the most influential person would have to be the current manager of Ohrid, Dragan Antić.
MF: Do you remember your first game for the senior team of Ohrid?  When did you score your first goal?
HD: I made my senior debut for Ohrid against Renova in the town of Kratovo, while the first goal came against Miravci on our home field in Ohrid.
MF: Which position do you prefer playing on the field and where do you think you are most useful to your team?
HD: I like playing as a second striker and I also believe that playing in that position is the most beneficial to my club.
MF: The members on our Forum think that your transfer to Ohrid Lote was a step back in your career.  What do you think about that?
HD: I think they are right about that one. However, I was going through a difficult period at that time and felt I had no better option so I had to accept my move to Ohrid Lote.

MF: What’s the secret for Ohrid’s recent success?  What are the ambitions for the club this season?
HD: The secret is the discipline that was brought by the new manager and also the friendship between the players on and off the field.  The credit for that goes to our manager Dragan Antić.  In the beginning of the season, our ambitions were to avoid relegation but with every passing game, our ambitions grow higher and I hope that we will have a chance to fight for a place that leads to Europa League qualifications.

MF: After Ohrid, would you be willing to play for some of the bigger Macedonian clubs like Vardar and Rabotnicki or would you prefer to go abroad?
HD: I would be happy and honored if one of the best Macedonian clubs show interest in me and I would certainly be interested to play there.
MF: Where do you see yourself in a year or two?His good performances might lead to a call up to the national team
HD: I hope that I will be at a club where I would be able to continue my improvement as a player and advance my career.

MF: What do you think about the Macedonian national team? After your great performances for Ohrid, did you maybe expect a call up from manager John Toshack?
HD: Every footballer dreams about playing for their respective national team, but at this moment, as a player of Ohrid, I think it will be very difficult for me to be called up by Macedonia.

MF: Who is your football idol and what footballer best compares to your style of play?
HD: I mostly enjoy watching Ronaldinho. As for the style of play, I don’t compare myself to anyone because every player is different and has their own style.
MF: Is there a game, in which you have participated, that you will always remember?
HD: I will always remember the road game against Rabotnicki in Skopje earlier this season where we beat them 2:1.

Some of Dimoski’s goals this season (Courtesy of SportEfe):

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