Gjurovski: Motto for NT has to be “Never Give Up”

Boshko Gjurovski (R) with FFM president Ilcho Gjorgjioski; photo: ffm-mk.comBoshko Gjurovski was officially presented as the new manager of the Macedonian national team, and addressed several topics regarding the future.

Boshko Gjurovski arrived in Macedonia yesterday as he concluded his duties as assistant coach with Nagoya this past weekend.  That was when the 2013 Japanese season ended so he then flew to Macedonia to officially be presented as the new manager in today’s press conference.

Gjurovski, who will turn 52 years old later this month, opened by saying he was very happy to be given a chance to lead the national team of his birth country.  He thanked all the people in Macedonia and those outside of Macedonia who root on the national team.

Boshko further added, “I am an optimist, and despite the failure in the qualifications for the World Cup in Brazil, I believe that Macedonia has the talents and potential to achieve success for the upcoming qualifications for the European championship in France.  One thing that I want to state is that Macedonia must play with more courage, something that according to me was missing in the previous qualifying cycle.  I am a coach who expects of his players to give their maximum and never to give up.  Like the saying from the English speaking countries: Never Give Up.  That should be our motto for the qualifications for the European championship in France.  In the national team, the best players will play, those who possess the desired footballing quality, but also have strong character and a winning mentality.  Thus, the psychological readiness must be at the highest level.”

Gjurovski, whose 2 year contract officially begins on 1 January of 2014, says he expects to play 2-3 friendlies over the next 6 months to gauge the abilities of the players.

He did add that he watched every game from the previous qualifications for the World Cup in Brazil.  That, Gjurovski noted, gives him a feel about the potential of the players who took part.  Boshko stated that he has already looked over concepts based on his observations.  Furthermore, Gjurovski will look around for some new players who play in foreign leagues, but also make it a focus to include more players from the domestic league.  As Gjurovski put it, even the most accomplished players that have worn the national team jersey once began their journey in the domestic league.

For these qualifications, Gjurovski plans to move to Skopje from his home in Belgrade.  He did say that he will occasionally travel to Belgrade, but reiterated that he will be staying mostly in Macedonia during his reign as national team manager.  Gjurovski also mentioned that he will announce his assistants on the coaching staff at a later date.

Finally, in speaking out about the future of Goran Pandev, Gjurovski said, “I have yet to hear from him.  I actually plan on contacting Goran after this press conference.  To me, Goran Pandev is needed to the national team.  He carries great influence among his teammates on the national team, serves as an idol for the younger players and I believe that he can do even more to bring success to the Macedonian national team.  I hope that he will reconsider his decision to retire from the national team, and that he will once again wear the jersey of Macedonia.”

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