First, Second League and Cup draw announced

DrawToday FFM made the draw for the new season in the First and Second League as well as the Macedonian Cup.

The First League will begin on 4 August with the following Round 1 matches:

Metalurg vs. Rabotnichki
Gostivar vs. Bregalnica
Shkendija vs. Turnovo
Napredok vs. Renova
Pelister vs. Gorno Lisiche
Vardar vs. Makedonija Gj.P.

To view the complete schedule, click here.

The Second League will begin one week later, on 10 August:

Vrapchishte vs. Rufeja
Novaci vs. Tiverija
Madjari Solidarnost vs
11 Oktomvri
Sileks vs. Miravci
Teteks vs. Lokomotiva
Pobeda Junior vs. Skopje
Korzo* vs. Drita
Borec vs. Zajazi

* Korzo fused with Sloga Jugomagnat (Shkupi) and will play in Skopje, but will continue with the name Korzo until New Year.

The Macedonian Cup will begin on 21 August with the 16-finals games:

Zajazi vs. Vardar
Lokomotiva vs. Napredok
Babi vs. Gostivar
Karaorman vs. Pelister
Belasica vs. Turnovo
Rabotnik Djumajlija vs. Shkendija
Sateska vs. Bregalnica
Karbinci vs. Rabotnichki
11 Oktomvri vs. Renova
Mogila vs. Sileks
Novaci** vs.
Gorno Lisiche
Shkupi* vs. Teteks
Korzo* vs. Metalurg
Miravci vs. Rufeja
Borec vs. Drita
Ljuboten vs. Makedonija Gj.P.

* Shkupi and Korzo fused into one club so one of these two games will not be played.
** Originaly it was Prespa who entered the Cup, but they withdrawn so Novaci took over their place.

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