Ferhan Hasani out at least 2 weeks

Attacker Ferhan Hasani will miss at least 2 weeks for Brøndby with a problematic injury to his left knee.

This past weekend, in the match between Odense and Brøndby, Ferhan Hasani returned to action after missing the previous game with a knee injury.  However, Ferhan managed only 60 minutes before the same knee flared up again.  After the game, a scan of Ferhan’s left knee showed bleeding around a ligament.  The Brøndby doctors still don’t have enough information to diagnose the severity of the injury, but they have ordered at least 2 weeks of rest for Hasani.  At the end of those 2 weeks, another scan will be performed on the knee to see if any progress was made so the doctors can better diagnose the injury.

Thomas Frank, Brøndby’s manager, made the following comment to the club’s website, “The message is that the knee must be completely quiet so the bleeding can wear off.  This means that we will have to do without Ferhan for at least two weeks.  We are sad for Ferhan and also from a team standpoint, but we have a good squad.  When an unfortunate thing happens regarding an injury, then some other players will need to step up.”

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