5 questions with Leonard Zuta

Leonard Zuta attempts crossOur interview series continues with Leonard Zuta, a member of Swedish side Häcken who has also been capped by the Macedonian U21 national team. Read below to learn more about Zuta.

Over the past couple of months, we have interviewed numerous players so our readers can learn about them and their careers. The latest player that we recently interviewed was Leonard Zuta, a 21-year-old who plays for Swedish top division side Häcken.

Leonard Zuta was born in Sweden but has chosen to represent Macedonia. He has amassed 3 caps for the U21 national team. We wanted to know more Zuta’s background and also how he was approached about representing Macedonia U21, so we reached out to him for an interview. He agreed and was very open in his answers to our questions.

Read our question and answer session below to learn more about Zuta:

MF: Leonard, first of all, tell us a little bit about yourself? Where were you born and when did you begin playing the game?
LZ: Both of my parents were born in the area around Struga. My father was 5 months old when he came to Sweden in 1966 and my mother came to Sweden in 1990 when she married my father. I was born in Gothenburg in 1992 and my whole family has always been both Macedonian and Swedish citizens. I was 9 years old when I started playing football in a small team with my classmates, and that was considered very late because most of the children here start when they are 5 or 6 years old.

MF: At Hacken, you have been playing left-back. Do you think that is your best position or can you play other positions as well?
LZ: Until two years ago, I played many positions, for example defensive midfielder, center back, left back, left winger and even as an offensive midfielder, but I think my best position for the future will be as an offensive left back who runs a lot up and down the left hand side. That is very much the way I play at BK Häcken now.

MF: What do you see as your biggest strengths as a player? Furthermore, are there things that you need to work on to improve your game?
LZ: I think that one of my best strengths is my physical condition. I can run up and down that left hand side for 90 minutes, if required. For me, it’s not easy to talk about my strengths since they can be worth a lot or less depending on the system that the team plays. I think that I have a lot to improve on and that’s why I work hard in trainings every day. Also, I hope that day when I think that I can’t improve any further never comes because that would mean that my career is almost over.

MF: You have been capped for Macedonia U21. When and how did the Macedonian federation reach out to you? Also, what have been your impressions so far of playing for Macedonia U21?
LZ: I was contacted by Petar Miloshevski, may he R.I.P., in May of 2013. Petar called me a couple of times and explained the interest from FFM. Petar was the person that I had the most contact with from FFM. He was very understanding, helpful and kind, and once again may he Rest In Peace. I have only played 3 games for the U21 team and so far I think that it has been good. Although, it could have been even better had we won some more games.

MF: Finally, what are your plans for the future? Are you happy in the Swedish league, or do you dream of playing in a bigger league?
LZ: I’m happy with my Swedish team, but of course I would like to play in a better league in the future. To make that come true, I know that I need to perform in the Swedish league, first and foremost with BK Häcken. I always put my entire focus on the place and team that I play for.

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