Bogatinov not likely to start for Karpaty

Despite Karpaty having an interim manager, Andriy Tlumak is expected to remain the starting goalkeeper.

Karpaty will play their first game under interim manager Pavlo Kucerov on Saturday against Kryvbas but Martin Bogatinov is not expected to reclaim his starting job.  In the preview for the game, Karpaty’s official website announced the expected starting lineup which did not include Bogatinov.

This is the probable starting lineup for Karpaty: Tlumak; Oshchypko, Borja, Milošević, Fedetskyi; Ozarkiv, Tkachuk, Holodyuk; Khudobyak, Zenjov, Guruli.

If Karpaty fields this starting lineup, then it remains to be seen whether Bogatinov will be on the bench as the #2 keeper or out of the squad altogether like in the previous two league games when 21-year-old Oleksandr Ilyuschenkov was the preferred backup keeper.

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