8 matches with no fans for Bregalnica in Shtip

 Bregalnica’s home stadium was suspended for 8 matches after a recent incident.

After an incident in the 21st round when Bregalnica hosted Renova and one of the home team fans managed to enter the pitch and hit Renova’s player Dushan Simovski, the football federation of Macedonia has suspended Bregalnica’s home stadium for the next 8 matches. The team will continue to play their home matches in Shtip, but no fans will be allowed on the stadium.

Bregalnica enters the last 11 rounds as 8th placed, meaning they will play 6 times away from home and 5 times at home. From the already certain matches for the last 11 rounds, it is known that Bregalnica will visit Turnovo in the 23rd round and will host Vardar in the 24th round. That will be their first match with the suspension.

The team will now have much bigger obstacle in avoiding the play-out places after some players left them and they wil have to play without the support of the fans at home.

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