5 questions with Kerkyra CB Vladimir Dimitrovski

Vladimir DimitrovskiCentral defender Vladimir Dimitrovski talked with our site about his experiences in Greece and his thoughts on being omitted from the Macedonian squad this past March, among other things.

New national team manager Ljubinko Drulović has called a press conference for Thursday morning where he will announce his first Macedonian squad. One player who will be hoping to see his name on the list is Vladimir Dimitrovski, a central defender who is under contract with Greek top division club Kerkyra.

Earlier this week, we did an interview with Dimitrovski where he talked about several topics, including what happened with former national team manager Boshko Gjurovski. As a reminder, in the middle of March, Gjurovski went to watch Dimitrovski in person, but he ultimately did not call him up. One of our questions to Vladimir was his reaction on that decision.

Dimitrovski initially joined Kerkyra as a free agent in the summer of 2014. He moved to Greece from FK Vardar. Vladimir did not open the season as a starter, but he kept on working hard in trainings and that was noticed by manager Michalis Grigoriou. After Grigorou was not pleased with his defense, he made a decision to introduce Dimitrovski. The rest, as they say, is history. He seized that opportunity and became a mainstay in central defense. Kerkyra rewarded Dimitrovski for his performances by offering him an improved contract which Vladimir accepted.

Vladimir ended up making 27 league appearances for Kerkyra, scoring one crucial goal late in the season to help his team maintain their top division status for the 2015-16 campaign.

Below is our question and answer session with Dimitrovski:

MF: Despite being a young player, you have good experience in the Macedonian league and abroad (Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic and now Greece). How would you compare the qualities and conditions in those five countries?
VD: The quality is much higher in those four leagues compared to ours. Normally, the conditions are also at a high level. If I had to compare, I would have to say that personally I’m most satisfied in the Greek league. I am playing my best football to date.

MF: If a Macedonian supporter has not watched you play before, what would you tell that person about your characteristics as a player?
VD: For those that have not watched me play, I would advise them to do so and decide for themselves. As for the ones that have watched me play and understand football, they have already seen me.

MF: This season you became a key player for Kerkyra. How do you feel there and did you have any problems as a Macedonian that works and lives in Greece? At the same time, why did you decide to sign a new contract with Kerkyra when there was interest from bigger clubs?
VD: I feel wonderful in Greece. Football is a profession where your quality is valued, not your politics. I have been tremendously accepted not only in Corfu (the city where Kerkyra plays), but also in the entire country of Greece. So, I have had no problems. As for why I signed a new contract, that was because I received a great offer, but also due to our coach. Michalis Grigoriou was a key factor who is very deserving of my improvement this season. I hold a very high regard of Grigoriou.

MF: In March, the now former national team coach, Boshko Gjurovski, watched you play live at the game against Panetolikos. You said that maybe that was your best performance of the season, but you still weren’t called up for the Belarus game. How disappointed were you at that time?
VD: To be honest, I was more surprised than disappointed. That was because he watched me play live and I was one of the best performers on the pitch, but I still did not receive a call-up. However, that is the job of the national team manager.

MF: Lastly, you formerly played regularly for the youth selections of Macedonia (you even served as captain). What would it mean to you to receive an invitation to the senior national team?
VD: Yes, I was captain of the U21 national team for a long time. A call-up to one’s senior national team is an honor and joy for every footballer, and that would also be the case for me as well.

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