3.MFL North draw for new season took place

The group North of the third level made the draw for the new season although the start is still questionable.

Since the last season did not finish after the Macedonian Ministry of health imposed impossible conditions for the financially poor third level clubs, 68,44% of the matches were played and wasn’t reached the necessary minimum of 75% for the table to be closed. That means the no relegation was issued.


However, since Lokomotiva quit halfway through the season, they were banned from competing the next season and have to start from the 4.MFL. Last-placed Rechica opted not to continue playing at this level, while Fortuna failed to win promotion after losing the promotion play-offs. That means that two places were ready to be filled. BVK Konjare from 4.MFL Gazi Baba and Gorno Lisiche from 4.MFL Kisela Voda got those places as those were the lone two 4.MFL leading teams that expressed a desire for promotion.

The schedule for the opening half took place so here are the matches for Round 1:

BVK Konjare vs. Bashkimi 1947
Volkovo vs. Bashkimi (Lj)
Gorno Lisiche vs. Petrovec
Madjari Solidarnost vs. Studena Voda
Rinia 98 vs. Besa-Vlazrimi
Fortuna vs. Nju Stars
Rashtak vs. SSK Nova
Ilinden (S) vs. Aerodrom

The start is at the moment scheduled for the weekend of 11/12 September, but depending on the imposed rules it is not sure if the season will kick-off at all.


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