Rabotnicki and Jovanovski part ways

After only two months as the manager, Gjore Jovanovski and Rabotnicki have ended their cooperation.

As the club’s official website reports, the club board and manager Gjore Jovanovski have agreed to mutually terminate his contract which means that Jovanovski is no longer the manager of Rabotnicki.


“First of all, I want to thank my friend Jovanovski for his help during these past two months.  As the president of the club, I was satisfied with his work.  However, the differences about the work conditions were very big and that is the reason we have agreed to stop the cooperation.” Rabotnicki’s president Dragan Popovski told Rabotnicki.com.

It is unknown who will replace Jovanovski at this point.  Popovski said Rabotnicki will hold a meeting by the end of the week where the top priority will be the selection of a new manager.  The new coach will be Rabotnicki’s third manager of the season as Goran Petreski led the club to open the year before Gjore Jovanovski then managed the club for about two months.

During his spell at Rabotnicki, Jovanovski drew attention for his recent statements that football in Macedonia should be banned for 5 years because of the bad conditions.

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