We can surprise England

Vladimir Dimitrovski The Macedonian U21 national team is making the last preparations before the trip to England and the captain Vladimir Dimitrovski is in optimistic mood and hopes that Macedonia can surprise England.

Although Macedonia will travel to England without the injured Sevdailj Selmani, Antonio Stankov and Samir Fazli, the players are still optimistic and have hopes that they can surprise England. The optimism was created after the good performance on the first match in Prilep when Macedonia had the lead for long time, but lost the match with a goal from penalty kick on few minutes before the end. Even the fact that as opponent they have a team which has many players which are part of the Premier league, doesn’t scare them and they are sure that they can repeat the success of the Macedonian senior national team when they surprised England twice on their ground.

 – The fact that we play against famous players is an additional motivation and we don’t have any pressure on us because we can’t lose anything. Our expectations are very optimistic because we saw that we can play good against England and we proved that on the first match in Prilep when we only needed a little more luck for a positive result. I hope that we will have more luck in England and we’ll surprise them, said Vladimir Dimitrovski, the captain of the Macedonian U21 national team.

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