WCL: Åland United – Kochani 4:0

The Macedonian Women’s’ champion got defeated in the first qualification game for the UEFA Womens’ Champions League.

Kochani was superior in winning the domestic league title last season with 18 wins and only 1 defeat, but their first European game once again showed how big the difference is between the Macedonian womens’ football and the rest of Europe. Despite that Kochani played with a very defensive formation (5-4-1), Finish champions Åland United managed to score 4 goals and won the first 3 points.

Unlike the men’s qualifications, the women play in group stage. Kochani is in the 7th qualification group where besides Åland there are also Bosnian champions Sarajevo and Polish champions Medyk Konin. The last two featured in the second game which was won by the Poles with 3:0. All the matches are being played in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Otok stadium in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Finland Åland United – Kochani Macedonia 4:0 (2:0)
Goalscorers: 18′ Robbins, 41′ Saario, 68′ Dolinsky, 88′ Uwak
Åland United: Ahlström; Karring, Sundlöv, Raadik, Vanhanen (76′ Blomberg); Robbins, Dolinsky (c), Saario (46′ Kelly); Uwak, Makoski, Lindsay (46′ Tolvanen).
Kochani: Chakmakoska; Todorovska (71′ Stojanoska), Arsovska, Mitrevska, Veselinova (c), Naumoff; Kokalovska (80′ Gjeorgijeva), Mileska (68′ Krstanovska), Markovska, Salihi; Spirovska.
Referee: Paula Brady (Ireland)
Yellow cards: Todorovska, Spirovska (K)
Red cards: 82′ Salihi (K)

Group 7  MP  W  D  L  GD  P
Åland United 1 1 0 0 4:1 3
Medyk Konin 1 1 0 0 3:0 3
Sarajevo 1 0 0 1 0:3 0
Kochani 1 0 0 1 0:4 0

Kochani’s next match is against hosts Sarajevo on Monday at 10.30 CET. The group winners and the best two runners-up will qialify.

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