Vardar gets new owner in Samsonenko

VardarRussian businessman Sergei Samsonenko, who is also owner of the Vardar handball team, has decided to purchase the football team as well.

Vardar was being run by the city of Skopje, but today Russian businessman Sergei Samsonenko submitted a bid to purchase the biggest club brand in Macedonian football, FK Vardar.  As a join stock company, Vardar’s shares were purchased by Samsonenko.

The purchase of Vardar by Samsonenko was actually scheduled to take place last week, but no bids were submitted at that time.  However, on the second attempt today, an agreement was reached for Vardar to be taken over by Samsonenko, who also owns the men’s and women’s handball teams of Vardar.

The hope among Vardar fans is that Samsonenko will bring much needed stability, and strengthen the team to make a name for itself on the European scene when it comes to the Champions League and Europa League.  Samsonenko is popular with Vardar fans for his work with the handball team, and now the hope is that the football team of Vardar will see better days ahead.

Vardar is currently involved in a three team tie at the top of the standings following the conclusion of the first half of the season.  Pelister and Horizont Turnovo are the other two teams who have the same number of points.  Vardar has won the past two league titles, but both times they were eliminated in the second qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League.

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