U21: Macedonia starts in Antalya with a loss against Kazakhstan (Video)

Today the new generation of the young Lions (born in 2000 and younger) had their first international friendly. Unfortunately, in the Antalya Cup we started with a 2:1 loss against Kazakhstan.

photo: scorer Kalkan after the goal

Coach Blagoja Milevski, who usually plays with four players in defense, today tried something new as he fielded three CB’s and had a team on the pitch that was tactically fluid during the game. The defense started with David Denkovski on goal, Aleksandar Gjurkovski, Mario Mladenovski and Blerton Sheji at CB, Filip Aleksovski at RWB and Bojan Dimoski at LWB. In midfield there were Enis Fazlagikj, Tomche Grozdanovski and Florent Ramadani, while captain Darko Churlinov and Mario Ilievski were in attack.

In the first half not a lot happened on the pitch, both sides were not able to create concrete chances, so the first half ended goalless.

At the start of the second half Milevski introduced a whole new team as Stefan Jakimovski, Martin Radulovikj-Velichkovikj, Viktor Krstevski, Georgije Jankulov, Jakup Berisha, David Kalpachki, Dimitar Todorovski, Arbi Vosha, Berat Kalkan and Metodi Maksimov were introduced. Later in the 81st minute goalie Damjan Serafimov replaced the injured Jakimovski.

In the 55th minute Kazakhstan opened the score from nowhere with a shot from the distance.

16 Minutes later Kazakhstan doubled the lead and Macedonia was just able to respond with one goal scored by Berat Kalkan in the 75th minute after an assist by Metodi Maksimov.


Keep in mind that Macedonia today played without David Toshevski, Luka Stankovski, Filip Antovski and Marko Gjorgjievski, also Stefan Cholakovski waits for his debut, so the team was without some players which in future should be an important part of the team. The next game in the Antalya Cup is on the 27th March against Slovakia, later on the 29th March the last game will take part against Bulgaria. After those games coach Milevski should have a better look on the called up players, also the young guys have a good possibility to get to know each other better.

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