U19 Elite Round: Macedonia – Hungary 3:4 (Video)

Macedonia suffered again a loss in the Elite Round, this time against Hungary in a game with countless chances and seven goals.

photo: Fazlagikj, Kolevski and Manevski sing the Macedonian anthem before the kick-off

Coach Vujadin Stanojkovikj made two changes in the starting line-up as he introduced Kolevski and Fazlagikj for Todorov and Churlinov who was not at 100% after a minor injury in the first game. Hungary opened the score in the 4th minute when Mocsi reached a deflected ball after a free-kick. The Lions responded with pressure and after two opportunities by Kolevski and Todoroski it was Kolevski who headed home a cross by Atanasov in the 12th minute. Hungary answered with two efforts from the distance, nevertheless Macedonia had control of the game. Still Hungary again netted the lead, this time Schön netted their goal. In the 2nd minute of stoppage time Mitrovski equalized with a left-footed shot after Trapanovski’s shot was blocked.

Macedonia started very aggressive and dominant in the second half. Trapanovski hit the woodwork in the 46th minute and we had four more opportunities in the following nine minutes. In the 58th minute Atanasov was fouled in the box, but he missed the penalty. Six minutes later center-forward Kolevski netted the lead with a right-footed shot after Elmas’ assist. Unfortunately, just after three minutes Hungary had a penalty which was converted by Lustyik. Now the game slowed down a little bit, both teams obviously were tired. Macedonia had two great chances by Kolevski and Rufati after a great pass by Trapanovski, but the visitors netted the seventh and last game of the goal through Bévárdi in the 82nd minute. The young Lions tried to equalize, Elmas had a opportunity in the 88th minute, but in vain.


Very disappointing loss for Macedonia. There were enough quality chances to score more than six goals, but just three were realized and we even missed a penalty. On the other hand the defense was to shaky not just today, obviously this generation lacks quality at that part, especially in the central. Furthermore there was probably a tactical problem as the defensive midfield was offensive minded despite the problems in the defense, thus it was to easy for the opponents to create chances without a lot of effort. The good thing is that this generation overall has a lot of talent in midfield and on the wings, so together with the talented guys from the other generations on other positions we could have a good future ahead of us.

Petar Miloshevski stadium in Skopje Macedonia
Macedonia Macedonia – Hungary Hungary 3:4 (2:2)

Goals: 12′, 64′ Bojan Kolevski, 45+2′ Dimitar Mitrovski; 4′ Attila Mocsi, 36′ Szabolcs Schön, 67′ (pen) Levente Lustyik, 82′ Zsombor Bévárdi
Macedonia: 1. Stevskovski (C); 2. Todoroski, 6. Trajanovski, 5, Rufati, 3. Manevski; 8. Atanasov (78′ 18. Stojchevski), 17. Fazlagikj; 10. Mitrovski (71′ 7. Churlinov), 9. Elmas, 11. Trapanovski; 19. Kolevski (82′ 16. Ferukoski).
Hungary: 1. Bese; 2. Krebsz, 4. Mocsi, 15. Bolla, 5. Berdó (30′ 3. Kiliti); 6. Lustyik (C), 8. Schäfer (64′ 11. Májer), 18. Banó-Szabó; 21. Kiss (76′ 7. Bévárdi), 9. Kundrák, 17. Schön.
Yellow cards: Fazlagikj, Rufati (M), Berdo, Schön, Kundrák (H)
Red cards: /
Referee: Yaroslav Kozyk (Ukraine)

National Arena Philip II of Macedon in Skopje Macedonia
England England – Latvia Latvia 3:0 (1:0)
Goals: 22′ Mason Mount, 52′ Eddie Nketiah, 82′ George Hirst

Current standings:

England England 2 2 0 0 7:1 6 to qualify
Hungary Hungary 2 1 0 1 5:7 3
Latvia Latvia 2 1 0 1 2:4 3
Macedonia Macedonia 2 0 0 2 4:6 0


Next round (27 March at 14.00 CET):

Petar Miloshevski stadium in Skopje
England vs Macedonia

National Arena Philip II of Macedon in Skopje
Latvia vs Hungary

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