U17: Macedonia – Montenegro 0:1

In the second friendly between the U17 national teams of Macedonia and Montenegro, the latter won 0:1 which ensured that each team recorded one win.

Macedonia U17 and Montenegro U17 split the two friendlies that were played over three days, both in Struga.  The first friendly on 28 August resulted in a 2:1 win for Macedonia U17, while the youngsters of Montenegro won today’s friendly 1:0 thanks to a goal by Jovan Vujović in the 30th minute.

According to FFM’s website, Montenegro was the better team in the opening 45 minutes while Macedonia improved drastically in the 2nd half, where Teodor Fidanovski had the best chance but he squandered the opportunity.

Macedonia U17 starting lineup: Aleksovski, Zajkov, Krivanjeva, Demir, Ilievski, Stojkovski, Ti. Fidanovski, Shakjiri, Babunski, Kostadinov, Te. Fidanovski.

Also played: Georgiev, Djeladini, Nikolovski, Erdan.

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