Horizont wins 2015 Vuko Karov tournament

Horizont Turnovo won the traditional tournament “Vuko Karov”, Pobeda finished second, while hosts Tikvesh ended last.

The tournament was played using the traditional Italian system with the three teams playing 45 minutes against each other. In the end, it was the Horizont players who lifted the trophy as they celebrated 2:0 wins versus both Pobeda and Tikvesh.

Tikvesh – Pobeda 1:1
9′ Jovanov – 31′ Meglenski

Pobeda – Horizont 0:2
30′ Markov, 42′ Tashev

Tikvesh – Horizont 0:2
Tashev, Spirovski

Final standings:

Horizont 2 2 0 0 4:0 6
Pobeda 2 0 1 1 1:3 1
Tikvesh 2 0 1 1 1:3 1

Horizont becomes the winner in the 16th edition of this popular Macedonian winter tournament. The best player was voted to be Mitko Mavrov, while the top goalscorer was Marjan Tashev with 2 goals, both from the winning team. Even before the start, the Turnovo based team was considered a firm favorite since they are a First League participant, while Pobeda is playing in the Third League South and the hosts, Tikvesh, even lower in the local fourth league. The president of FFM, Ilcho Gjorgjioski, was also present in Kavadarci to give his support as the tournament is going through a tough period since last year’s edition did not take place.

The players of Turnovo with their trophies; photo: FK Pobeda

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