Trifun Kostovski takes over Vardar

The chaotic situation in football club Vardar is probably taken to the end with a surprising outcome as local rival’s owner Trifun Kostovski – the owner of Kometal, takes over Vardar.

After the many “boards” and “presidents” in the last few months who were taking over or were interested to take over the Macedonian most famous football club, finally the chaotic situation is probably about to be finished. But the final outcome of the whole situation is a bit surprising as the new president of the football club Vardar is the owner of the Kometal company, Trifun Kostovski, who until yesterday was owner and president of Rabotnicki Kometal, Vardar’s local rival and current winner of the double trophy in Macedonia.

The new president of the club promised quick return of the most trophied football club on the old tracks. The first steps should be creating a new squad as currently 15 first team Vardar players are suspended by the club and transfer listed. There are speculations that say that there will be massive "trade" and move of the players between the clubs. Also some names are mentioned as candidates for Vardar's new coach and some of the names are the famous Macedonian coaches Cede Janevski and Milko Gjurovski.

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