Treska beats Madjari and goes into Second League

Treska is the last club that gained promotion to the Second League after beat Madjari Solidarnost with 2:0 in today’s play-off.

With the goals scored by Blagoja Galovikj and Filip Kolekjeski in the second half, Treska beat Madjari Solidarnost at the Zhelezarnica stadium in Skopje after a goalless first half. This was the Third League North play-off where the winners of Groups A and B faced eachother.

Treska is the last known club that will compete in the Second League as winner of the North and together with Rufeja (West), Osogovo (East), Pobeda Junior (South) and Korab (South-West) as well as First League relegated Vardar, Pelister and Skopje.

But, Treska most probably won’t be playing in the Second League as it will merge with Makedonija Gjorce Petrov. The club was already using Makedonija’s stadium and it is known that Makedonija’s board was running the club in the past season.

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