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Tome Pacovski: I showed that I am still a good keeper

Tome Pacovski; photo: yesterday’s Belgium Cup game, Tome Pacovski said he showed that he is still a good keeper and hopefully will get more opportunities in the future.

Several Belgium newspapers named goalkeeper Tome Pacovski as the best player for Beerschot during yesterday’s domestic cup game against Mouscron Péruwelz.  Pacovski saved two penalties, one in extra time and one during the penalty shoot-out, to propel Beerschot to the next round of the competition in a very dramatic ending.

Pacovski thanked Beerschot goalkeeper coach Pierre Thyssen for saving the penalty in extra time.  The coach told him that the penalty kick taker for the opponents always goes left so Pacovski listened and managed to save the penalty which sent the game into penalty kicks.

During the penalty shoot-out, Pacovski had a good reading on the last penalty kick taker and knew he would go to his right so Pacovski followed his instincts and parried the ball before his teammate Bart Goor then converted the next penalty to lead Beerschot to the next round of the Belgian Cup.

After the game, Pacovski stated, “I proved today that I am still a good goalkeeper.  I had some luck as one shot hit the post but I hope to get more opportunities in the future.  Yeah, especially in the cup because today I showed my worth.  Hopefully, we will last long in this competition.”

Speaking about his current situation, ” Of course I am frustrated not to be the starting keeper and also not to be in the selection for most games.  So, I was pleased with the encouraging words of the manager who gave me another chance.  I appreciated very much the fans standing behind me and shouting my name.  I have always trained hard and this was the reward for that hard work.  I hope this news will also reach my homeland of Macedonia so they know that I’m still a good keeper.”

Pacovski added, “We played a good team but it was a solid match for me.  I hope the coach was pleased and I’ve made it hard for him regarding the keeper selection in the future.  The victory is good for Beerschot even though we had to fight harder than most people expected.” 

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