Teteks celebrating their Cup trophy

The end of Teteks?

Teteks celebrating their Cup trophyRelegated Cup winner Teteks might move the club from Tetovo to Skopje and change the name in upcoming months.

Rumors around newly relegated Teteks say the club might change its location from Tetovo to Skopje in the next season. They will probably play on Alumina Stadium in Skopje, with the name Teteks until the end of the year, but what will happen next is still an unknown.

Teteks had a mixed season, finding themselves at the end of the table and going down to the Second League, but at the same time they managed to lift the Macedonian Cup trophy and obtained a place in UEFA Europa League qualifications. However, they were eliminated in the first round.

Whether this will turn out to be true, it is still not certain. But if it does, it will be a big shame for the city of Tetovo and the football club Teteks which was founded 60 years ago.


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