Studena Voda & others fuse to revive Kumanovo

Three Kumanovo based football clubs did what the Kumanovo major told few months ago, that a fusion will be made in order to reactivate the oldest city football club.

photo by GFK Kumanovo: the club’s logo and seal

The clubs Studena Voda, Eurosport-Vardar and Kumanovo 2012 officialized its fusion and brought back live into FK Kumanovo, now as GFK Kumanovo (G stands for Gradski, meaning City Football Club). The new club will take the place of Studena Voda, a this team is currently competing in the highest level of all three, while the other two with their youth academies will form the youth base.

Kumanovo major Maksim Dimitrievski approved the initiative in late August when the three clubs presented their idea to him. It is expected the City of Kumanovo to financially help the club.

Kumanovo was formed in 1924 and in the 1970/71 won the Republic League. Since the independence, the club was in the second league until the 1999/00 season when debuted in the top flight. That season was immediately relegated and after one season in the second division won promotion again, this time lasting for two consecutive seasons. Kumanovo has spent a total of 3 seasons in the 1.MFL and has won the 2.MFL on two occasions. In 2003/2004 got relegat5ed into the 3.MFL North and in the 2006/07 season quit participating on half-season. After two seasons the club was reactivated in the local fourth divisional group, but only for two seasons. In 2012/2013 a new subject called Kumanovo 2006 emerged, but never managed to get pass the fourth league and after 5 seasons seized to exist.

Studena Voda was formed in 2012 in the village of Dobroshane and immediately started from the 4.MFL Kumanovo. In 2016/17 won the leagued and got promoted in the 3.MFL North and since has been making good results finishing twice 4th and once 3rd.

Kumanovo 2012 was forced in 2012 as a youth academy. Since 2019/20 started competing in senior level starting from the fifth divisional local group and from the next season until this season play in the 4.MFL group Kumanovo.

Eurosport-Vardar is a youth academy formed back in 2004. On senior level started very recently, in the 2019/20 season, and competed only in the 5.MFL group Kumanovo.

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